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DESTRA Patent Law Firm
Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Ukraine


Contact us to solve the following tasks:


  • protect a technical invention (obtain a patent or utility model);
  • protect the ornamental aspect of an article (obtain an industrial design certificate);
  • protect a brand name, logo, slogan (register a trademark);
  • protect the right to a literary work, visual art, website, program, database (register copyright);
  • settle IP issues with employees, contractors, co-authors, co-inventors, investors (assigns, licences, etc.);
  • reinstate a patent; renew a trademark;
  • protect IP rights in case of a dispute or violation

Dmytro H. Bondarenko

Managing Partner

Patent Attorney of Ukraine
(reg. No. 267 of 21 December 2004)

Lawyer, Engineer
(Master’s Degrees: Master of Engineering in Electronics, LLM in Civil Law, LLM in Intellectual Property)

Co-Founder and Member of the Board of the Kyiv City Association of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Ukraine

Member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Patent and Trademark Attorneys

Examples of Trademarks:

Word Marks:

Examples of Registered Trademarks

Design Marks:

Examples of Registered Trademarks

Composite Marks:

Examples of Registered Trademarks

3D Marks:

Examples of Registered Trademarks

More Examples of Registered Trademarks >>>


Examples of Registered Industrial Designs:

Aspiration block

Aspiration block

Registration (Patent) №: 11156 of 15.11.2005



Registration (Patent) №: 11842 of 15.03.2006

’Viper’ Assault Rifle

“Viper” Assault Rifle

Registration (Patent) №: 12029 of 15.05.2006



Registration (Patent) №: 16452 of 25.04.2008


More Examples of Registered Industrial Designs >>>


Examples of patents:


Internal combustion engine

Method of delivering a free-falling container to a given point

Combined screw conveyor

Method of adjusting the alternating current voltage

Dispenser for packing loose materials into valve bags

Method of advertising

Drum sieve

Filter for cleaning gases from dust

Pallet former

Method of disposal of conventional ammunition containing TNT and/or hexane

Method of production of pasta products

Device for filling soft containers with bulk material

Mechanical loosener of loose materials


Method for automated data collection, processing and transmission for providing and accounting for cash discounts


Full Range of Intellectual Property Services

Consultations on Intellectual Property

We provide consultations on matters related to the protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Ukraine and worldwide, as well as written materials explaining the stages and cost.

Free of charge:

  • The first 15 minutes of an oral consultation on Intellectual Property;
  • Standard written materials on stages and costs of protection of Intellectual Property.

In most cases, free consultations and basic written materials are sufficient to decide and start working with us.

Send a request for a free consultation

Send a request for a free consultation


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